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Seems like since the recession, less people were getting out of the military to use their degrees outside. I originally wanted to go for Medical Service Corps officer so I got my bachelors, by the time I submitted my package after completing the degree the same program required a masters. Said, bye bye and left with the degree I got from active duty TA. By the time I would have completed my masters, who knows what would have been required by then. Wasnt going to waste any more time reenlisting going back to the sandbox only to have no guarenteed. Got out and got a managment job then moved over the a GS job with my degree. Now I'm finishing my Masters with the GI bill since I used active duty TA to get my last degree, then ask more money or move up as a GS. In less than a year I'll have my years from the Navy bought in towards my federal retirement and leave accrual.
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