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Default Open Carry in Oklahoma

The New York Times reported today, the start of the OK Open Carry Laws on Thursday, midnight.

A new law takes effect on Thursday in Oklahoma — anyone licensed to carry a concealed firearm can choose to carry a weapon out in the open, in a belt or shoulder holster, loaded or unloaded. Five minutes after midnight Thursday, Mr. Hull and his friends — supporters of the Oklahoma Open Carry Association, a gun rights group — will mark the occasion by wearing their unconcealed handguns while dining at Beverly’s, a 24-hour restaurant.

In a very balanced article, the NYT went on to describe open carry in most states. California was not mentioned by name. And the silence was deafening.

This is not a women's issue, particularly, but I think we would all be better off not having to worry about 'printing' or exposing, constantly. Who's is for or against open carry?
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