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Got out May 2011. I claimed like 8 different things. Got my first check April 2012.

I did the exams as part of the 'pre-seperation' comp and pen exams before date i left my last duty station (last one February 2011).

So from the time of the last comp and pen exam at North Chicago VA and coming home to CA and getting my first check, it was at least 15 months.

..and I still have 2 conditions left over that arent settled but I dont really care because I probably wont get paid for those last items regardless, because of missing records and VA typically not paying for the kind of conditions.

I'm sitting at 60%. Not bad at all IMO.

Been working with local VET CENTER to increase that. I suggest using the vet center if at all possible. Most convenient place to build up comp and pen cases especially for mental health related items.

Still waiting on dependent data to integrate into my diability pay rate. They somehow didnt add my wife but added my kid. Filed to have my wife added via local CA vet service officer. Also submitted for wifes dependent data to be added via the E-BENEFITS WEBSITE which I also suggest anyone who has any sort of comp and pen going on to keep up on. Submitting for my increased married dependent rate via Ebenefits got that expected date of completion bumped up faster than it was when I just submitted the paper version through local county vet service officer.
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