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I read your first post and decided to beef up security around our house. We put in a six foot arched back gate last year and I added a lock to it this week. We changed the lock on the door to the garage and put a slide bolt on it. We took out the doggy door out that was just a panel in the glass door (really easy just to push it in) and we got one that my husband had to saw into the stucco to install it. It is for small dogs, not big enough for humans. We added a bar to the patio door lock and a punch lock at the top. We now lock the storm door and the front door. This is all thanks to your post. And you know what??? Two days later TWO houses that are four houses down from me were burglarized. We have never had a burglary, that I am aware of, in this neighborhood, in fifteen years.

Thank you for your post. Who knows, maybe they looked at our house and decided another house would be easier. I know if someone wants in, they will get in, but you may have saved our family the grief that you have experienced. We are ordering a gun safe. We did find out that in the second house, they crawled in through a doggy door for their lab that had just died. They hadn't take out the door.

Thank you for your warning. I hope you get everything back and you catch the rat ******ds that burglarized your house. Losers!

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