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Originally Posted by 40SWGlock View Post
OK is this cash and carry? You don't have to Dros and wait 10 days? Or am I confused here on what curio and relic means?
no, this is not normally cash and carry.

C&R means that the federal government has decided that this firearm is collectable as either a curio (rare) or a relic (over 50-years old).

In CA, C&R firearms are DROSed just like modern firearms, with some minor differences. C&R handguns are exempt from the handgun roster. But other than that, they are pretty much the same in CA, unless you have a C&R FFL and a COE.

If you have both the C&R FFL and the COE, then you are exempt from a couple CA laws when buying C&R firearms in CA.
You are exempt from the 10-day wait and can cash and carry after you fill out the DROS.
You are also exempt from the Handgun Safety Certifcate requirement and the Handgun Safety Demo as well.
You are exempt from the federal Handgun Safety Lock requirement and can use the CA Safe Affidavit (so you don't have to buy a handgun lock).
You are also exempt from the 30-day rule if you bought another handgun less than 30-days ago.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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