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The IDPA club and the USPSA club operate at Sac Valley Range which is owned by the Folsom Shooting Club. You can join the IDPA and USPSA clubs. To use the action pistol bays with the clubs equipment, you must also be an approved safety officer.
You can as a member of the Folsom Shooting Club use the action pistol bays after taking an orientation class, but those shooters are not allowed to us any of the IDPA, USPSA,
props, steel targets, equipment. Since you are in Elk Grove, Sac Valley is much closer than any other local range. As far as the IDPA, USPSA clubs offering training opportunities, there is informal practice of members. Both are great clubs to shoot,
I do both. Started in IDPA, and now do mostly USPSA and 3 gun. IDPA is more structured,
USPSA is more free form. IDPA and USPSA shooting is a GAME. It has a timer and a score.
It is not training. For many shooters, it is full on competition. That choice is up to you. It does help with your shooting skills. Shooting under stress, gun malfunctions, etc. SDPS IDPA does offer an intro to IDPA. The USPSA club at Sac Valley does not.
USPSA has 2 matches, the CAPSUL is on the 3rd Saturday, only 3 stages, done by noon.
NCPS is the 4th Sunday, 6 stages, need to bring at least 200 rounds, done by 3. IDPA is the 1st Sunday 6 stages, bring 100 rounds, done by 4. Hope to see you at the range.
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