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Originally Posted by Watchur6 View Post
Congratulations!! Thank you for all the years of service, now enjoy your well earned retirement.

25 more years for me. Hope I can last like you and so many others here.
Originally Posted by Datdarkness View Post

im still waiting just to be old enough to apply.....
yes, im a young'n.
Originally Posted by Rockit View Post
Congrats bro! I'll be there in about 16.
Originally Posted by IrishJoe3 View Post
Congrats! I only have, well, never mind. A lot until I can retire.
Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
Congratulations! I have another 10 years to go until I can retire.
Originally Posted by HoMa506 View Post
I still have 10 months and 18 days left and the days can't pass fast enough. Congrats on your retirement.
I have been in every one of your shoes at some point. The time goes by faster than you think it will but you have to take care of your mind and body to reach a full service retirement. I have my aches and pains but I have cheated death for a long damn time and you can too. Use good officer safety, good decompression activities away from the job and stay in good physical shape and every one of you will make it to retirement age as well.

My best buddy who retired last December told me this, "The rest of your life starts when you hang up your tin". I can't wait and I have a long bucket list of things to do and get accomplished before the wife retires in 2014. Then the second part of the rest of my life will start and I'm excited to have a wife who has the same mindset!!!
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Originally Posted by RazoE
I don't feel a thing when some cop gets ghosted.
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