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Originally Posted by robearo2 View Post
Well the reason the analogy is kind of valid is because oaktree has a separate restaurant and gun store. The gun store is where they sell the banned ammo. Though the boundary between range store, and gun store, in this instance is a little hazy.

I don't know if they actually enforce the magnetic ammo ban though. Maybe this is what she had to tell me through email. I dunno. Maybe I should get a livingsocial coupon and check it out in person lolf[/url]
If I understood correctly from one of the posters above, it seems they were selling the bi-metal ammo from the check-in office that is attached to the rifle range. If that's truly the case, then what the heck? The pro-shop is also the check-in area for the pistol range, which also doubles for check-in for the 65 yard rifle bay, AND the rifle range at the other end of the facility. Can you just imagine buying a large amount of ammo for your gun, walking up to the firing line, and then be told you can't shoot it? I plan to go there tomorrow to shoot and I'll see if I can get some more definitive answers.

Even though the whole "banned" ammo thing is becoming an interesting situation, I still love Oak Tree. Their staff have always been friendly, helpful even, and the facility is extremely nice. It's also just a few miles from my house, and that certainly is a huge plus.
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