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I went through the ACSO academy about 5 years ago. Great academy and squared away department. ACSO's academy is both physically and academically grueling. It's quite expensive to put yourself through, but due to the length of the academy (1,026 hours) you get alot of reps in and alot of study time. If you enjoy PT and a hefty study load, this is it. (FYI, we lost about 9 people in the first week and that was due to PT alone.) Push-ups are done at most breaks and PT sessions are about 60-90 mins long. All runs are done with rocks in your hands. Think CoCo runs with weighted PVC pipes.

I know I haven't been in this career that long, but I am to the belief that having a strong body makes a strong mind.

To sum it up, ACSO is a very militaristic academy, but big boy rules apply. A well known and very well respected academy.

**Things they don't tell you. The orientation is a b$%&#. Alot of yelling. All males must have a shaved head. The defensive tactics final is infamous.. There may be blood and some semi-consious recruits.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up.
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