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(This was posted on 10/27)

Hi all, I have joined this forum in an attempt to quell all rumors regarding Jack Ross and to answer any questions you guys may have about our company. First let me start by apologizing to those who have orders and who have been inquiring about their orders and not had any response.
As you know, we have gone through some hard times the past few months after the online orders got ahead of us and we had to shut off the website to stop the growth of the backlog. The low productivity we were experiencing in the beginning, coupled with high overhead costs resulted in us running out of money and us almost going out of business. I was called by my brother, Chris Parker, when "the **** hit the fan" and have since moved my entire family up to Reno to specifically take care of this mess. The first step was to lay-off all unproductive employees to save costs. Since then, we have more than doubled our productivity with 1/4 the employees we originally had (indicates the amount of waste that was occurring). We almost went bankrupt 3 times in the process but we opted to stay in business and work through the hard times so that we could fill all obligations we made to our customers.
We ended up striking out deals with such ranges as Guns and Ammo Garage which inevitably kept us in business and paid our monthly expenses. We are now at a position where we are picking up steam again and we are able to send off ammo toward the backlog with what excess we can produce each month. Now I know this is not what most of you want to hear but the good thing is WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS and we are STILL FILLING ORDERS. Our backlog on the 9mm is still quite extensive but we are putting forth efforts to send out at least 25 cases a month toward the backlog. I am answering emails and we picked up someone to answer the phones so your correspondences regarding the status of your orders will be answered. For those that are waiting for your orders, there is something you could do to help. We currently do not have a backlog of 45 ACP 230gr and any persons wishing to convert their order dollar/dollar to 45 will have their orders shipped much sooner than if they opt to wait for their 9mm or 40.
I hope this helps to alleviate some worry regarding your orders and your money moreover. We have made a pledge to fulfill all orders. Yes, we made mistakes, but we have a plan to remedy the situation and we are working to execute this plan. For those of you who like, you can email me directly at and I will do my best to get you a response in a timely fashion as I'm sure me posting my email will result in a flood of inquiries. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sincerely, Vincent Parker
Biker trailer trash in Pahrump
USN Gunner 1976-80
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Utah CFP
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