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Originally Posted by crowbar View Post
My Sierra manual lumps the 155's in with the 150 grain bullets. A start load for the 168 will work as a start load for a 155. The lapua 155's are almost as long as a Sierra 175; make sure you're not into the rifling lands with your bullets - a Stoney Point type guage helps. The 168 was designed for 300 meter shooting and was originally called the "International" by Sierra. There is some controversy regarding its' ability, or lack thereof, out to 1,000 yards.
Brass can make a difference. My Winchester brass is about 12 grains lighter than my Lapua, which generally translates into different case capacity. Less capacity can equal increased pressure; I drop my load about .5 grains with Lapua cases.
For your 300 - 500 yard sharpshooting, I don't think you'll find a better bullet than the Sierra 168, but the various 155's from Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, et al will work fine. As for flat base v. boat tail accuracy, can't really say. My vote goes for BT, but I shoot from 800 - 1,000 yards where they have an advantage.
Enjoy loading and shooting, and if you ever want to try out beyond 600 yards, PM me.

Mike (back to work now...)
Wow.... cool thanks Mike, I'll try that. thanks for the info.
I also notice alot of people talk highly about Hodgdon powder, what do you guys think? I'm thinking of trying it. Do you know anywhere in SoCal that sell Hodgdon? Or any place that has a good selection of powered and primer? the hazmat fee they charge when you buy online is just ridiculous...

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