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Default Some insight.

Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
To understand my question we must first delve into some history.

My last girlfriend was a latina from The Bronx. Yup, that Bronx. As such her exposure to firearms was limited and negative before meeting me. While she didn't tell me at the time, the girl thought that I was some kind of macho douchebag for "needing to carry a gun everywhere" .Apparently that impression went away when she observed that I was extremely safe with it, but nevertheless the fact stuck with me.

Several casual encounters since then have added to my confusion. An Obama/Biden supporter loved the fact I carried a pistol, and a first date went so bad she threatened to call the police on account of me legally carrying.

So to avoid pre-date labelling and uncomfortable encounters with LE in the future, it would help me greatly to understand what non-firearm associated women think of men who carry frequently, at least as a first impression.

Thanks in advance for intelligent contributions!
I actually grew up in the "BRONX" during the 1970's and during that time crime was "very bad". Most of the "Bronx" at that time had deteriorated to where "Berlin" looked better post world war two.

The only people who had guns in New York at the time were police and criminals, few regular folks had guns due to the "Sullivan law".

While there are differences between men and women regarding how they view guns, there is a big difference between how folks from New York view guns.

In general, ex New Yorkers either true to impose NY style gun laws on everyone else when they leave or they go the correct way and arm themselves to the teeth.

Be discreet about being a gun owner when you first meet someone, if you meet someone that you want to keep in your life, you may want to start of the gun issue first about attitudes on owning guns first.

Don't come off as "Rambo", downplay things and be sensitive.

Women don't want to hurt people, that is why self-defense tools such as mace, pepper spray and stun guns heavily market that they don't cause permanent injuries.

The fact that in many cases the only way to stop a violent attack is to "INJURE" the attacker is something that many women have a "mental block" on because it goes against their "core believes".

Women operate far more "emotionally", so that is how you need to approach the subject.

Half the people who show up at my shoots are female btw and I'm running my shoots in the SF bay area, so there is hope.

This is a good question, perhaps we as a community need to come up with a "focus group", answer FAQ and post it in a video format as a learning tool.

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