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Originally Posted by SilverTauron View Post
Further clarification:I only told my dates about my CCW as circumstances demanded.My ex and I were Air Force,so before we left post I had to stop by the armory and sign out my carry piece.Kinda hard to avoid the topic.

Once I got out of the military,I discovered that no matter how concealed your weapon is from view,its not concealable from a frisky girl's touch."what's this...A GUN???!". From harsh experience I've discovered its a good idea to at least casually mention something about being armed before clothes start coming off.
AirForce! Thats why!! (sorry, had to say it, retired Army). I have lost a lot of shooting, training freinds because they got married to woman who are not into guns or CCW. I believe it will forever cause them friction. You should date/marry someone who has the same interests, your best friend, so your relationship grows. My wife and I have been married 32 yrs so far. Still go to the range at least every month, go to Front Sight about 8 times a year, plus all the non-gun related items as well.

Don't try to change someone, or let them try to change you, find your best friend.

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