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Originally Posted by Grassninja View Post
There have been plenty of accounts of eotechs failing and, to a lesser degree, aimpoints failing. The bottom line is that these are both man made objects and can fail on you at inconvenient times.

The cost depends on which BUIS you choose. Weight is negligible and really adds nothing to a gun.

Assuming the carbine is meant as more than just a range toy, I see no reason to not have irons on a carbine with RDS, and a whole lot of reasons why you should.
I go back and forth with this scare tactic stuff. There is merit to this mindset, but its sorta like telling someone to avoid all trees because of lightning strikes... its not a real situation unless you are in a lightning storm.

You can pretend and play make-believe fantasy all you want, but even LEO SWAT team members are not going to be in this situation...its so remote of a chance its not even funny. The apocalyptic SHTF/WROL is pure fantasy... the actual chance of it happening is extremely remote at best and if it does the chance of your optic dieing is even more remote.

Looking at military operations requirements is not the best for civilian prepping...its not even matter how much the cool guys here or on the zombie websites tell you...its all fantasy bullcrud.

I agree there is an increased chance of a $9.99 optic failing...big time. The chance of a C-More, EOTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, or other high end optic failing during a life and death situation is very very fact its a nearly unheard of outside of the military. We are talking about 1:100,000 chance of something like that.

Older EOTechs failed all the time, Older Aimpoints failed all the time, Older C-mores failed all the time, Older Trigicons failed all the time,..ect ect ect. Due to the public having faster and greater media social coverage of these things, manufactures have stepped up the QC.

Case in point, within days of a Youtube video showing a magpul Stock failing at the range, the owner of Magpul contacted the person, gave them a new stock and from what I am told redesigned the locking release arm. There is nothing wrong with the old one, but a defect was noted and a change was made...within days of a single incident.
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