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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
in concurence with Bonnie: the woman has already put herself into a compromising situation with someone she doesn't know that well when she isolated herself with you, started getting frisky and the clothes started flying. finding your firearm makes her, makes her decide....that she made a bad decision and that despite your manners and good looks and obvious sex appeal that you may be the next serial killer. while you may rejoice, Silver, to find a holster strapped to her leg, she will not reciprocate because you're either a mobster or a criminal of one type or another and she is at risk of more than just a STD. conditioning in her experience of the world, urban myths, news stories, family advise all come into play that she is now in dangerous territory and needs to get out now. that is her self-defense mechanism.
Ah. Thank you for putting things like this. Being an ex-military man I generally don't consider my dates to be a potential threat to my life, but I can see how a woman would see things differently.

Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
either need to be upfront re the CCW status and perhaps not get dates, or run into a woman that freaks and calls the cops on you. find a way to handle it before the clothes start flying.
Being upfront isn't a problem. The issue for me is determining the lady's attitude on carry before I open my mouth.

I told one psycho girl upfront about me carrying, and my reward for it was a threat by her to file a false harassment claim since I didn't call her back "right away". I drove to the police station and showed the desk Sergeant my phone's text message thread of her threatening me to ensure I didn't end up on the wrong end of a false DV or arrest warrant.The LEO called the crazy girl and got things straightened out , but ever since then for understandable reasons i've been very cautious about who I tell regarding my armed status.
The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be.
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