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Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
Back in the DCM days it would take up to a year to get your Garand and you got what they sent you.
We have it good today, just be patient
Very true. I waited for over a year to get my once in a lifetime M1. Patient is a virtue. Load a bunch of ammo while waiting. By the time the BWT arrives before 10:30 you'll have lots of ammo loaded up.

In my rush to send my order in for the 6M I forgot to sign page 1A and 2A. Linsey Smith called me Thursday and told me I need to send the two signed pages. I feel like an idiot as I am usually very thorough with CMP documents before I drop it in the mail but in my rush to make it to the PO for express mail, I did not sign the two pages. I did sign the credit card authorization so I did one thing right. Oh I did asked he if they will fill my order and she said YES.
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