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OP, very sorry to hear about this.

Someone mentioned the idea of a billboard with their pictures all over it, but I think it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of probably 50k. Organizational funding for something like that should be in order.

A house on my street got hit very recently. In this case, the suspect used a spark plug to shatter the back sliding window and went in, helped himself to the kids' game boy(s), jewelry, some cash, and other small items. The incident happened at around 10:30am.

There were two BMAs riding bicycles the morning before casing the neighborhood, and I witnessed one of them point to my truck in drive-way and I heard him say "LET'S GET THAT TRUCK". The other pointed to the truck in the next drive-way and said "LET'S GET THAT ONE TOO".

I called the local LEA, and they came out, did some extra patrols and went back to their business as usual...

The next AM, they hit the house around half a block away.

My 2 biggest dislikes in the theft business is stealing guns and stealing from innocent children.

Your camera quality is awesome, and I have to say that I'm tempted to spend the money on the system you used. They have plenty of these systems on Amazon.

BTW, I've seen/heard discussions in the past regarding how "stand-your-ground" laws should be enhanced to give protection to anyone protecting property. One of the arguments I've seen used/heard before in that favor is that a person could steal guns from a residence and are very much likely to use them in a deadly crime, therefore, the person protecting the property with deadly force (if they're caught) is saving innocent lives.

Something like this would never come out of the CA Legislature unless we had a super-majority of no-compromise pro-2A lawmakers, and THAT won't happen because too many supporters of these thug types are voting.

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