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Originally Posted by Darklyte27 View Post
Yes there is, in a gun vault the morning I last saw it.

That's why we as calguns members should be on the look out for each other as a community to report anything to police. It helps us all out because you never know like I didnt know they were going to rob my home, your home could be next. You never know.

We can only prepare and realize what we have to do these days to do our best to prevent this from happening.
I am not downing you at all. And honestly the guys who stole your guns look like just about every other person in east oakland. No I am not trying to be racist. But I am being serious. I also have taken steps to stop that from happening. Alarm, Cabinet bolted down hidden, dog etc. I have had guns stolen from me at my mothers house (stockton ewww) But I will pass on the pictures of the guys to my ex-coworkers who kick it with those types of people in that area and in oakland.
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