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I appreciate that, I guess I could make a flier and post it around the neighborhood?
I didnt read on any forums. Just wanted to have a DVR system to keep on eye on the home, all my cameras were inside because i never got around to mounting 1 or 2 looking outside. I bought 2 actually, the Q-see 250$ and a lorex one. the Lorex was harder to use and the quality didnt seem as nice and was more expensive at 400$

I suggest mounting one looking at the street to see any cars/people.

If you have a small safe like a gunvault like I did, a cable would have slowed them down. I should have had one connected to the bed frame. that way they would have to had taken more time to try to cut the cable, anything to slow them down.

Were thinking about another rifle sized safe for the bedroom to hold not just guns but for passports, SSN card, valuables, for one its rated for fire and a lot harder to break into as you can see with my cannon safe.

NRA stickers wont help if they know you arent home.
It would actually let the criminals know you have guns so i think i rather not advertise that. I am asian, a prior service Marine and shoot guns, that wont mean anything to them.

The bike they saw and didnt look back, they supposedly were in a silver 4 door car with 4 guys so my bike and our 55 inch tv wont fit, plus that would be harder to sell.
I am a weekend cyclist, fun sport and for fitness.

They were after small things that can sell easily, cameras, small purses, laptops etc.
The other things like my guns, armor they might keep or might sell.

as for the blood type, its one of the patches on the plate carrier, theres also a IR flag on the back if these idiots were stupid enough to wear it and a IR cam chopper sees them haha easy target.


would it be a good idea to have a thread page for stolen guns? BOLO, status etc.


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