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I will contribute $50 towards a reward fund if you go that route or put up ads to get them caught.

Like others, I would love to learn more about the video set ups thanks for adding the details of the video setup above. What forums do we need to go to to read up on the best DIY setups?

Regarding handgun safes - Does anyone use a cable to semi-secure theirs? I have one for bedside and it is a heavy tank (good old Enterprises, I play with the idea of going after that market, I don't think anyone has filled it) but it can still be carried out. I'm not sure a cable to the bedframe would be much of an extra deterrent but if it would help at all maybe I should. If every incremental annoyance matters maybe I should.

As far as signalling like NRA stickers - I wonder if HAM related antennas signal "this house is owned by a white dude with guns"

Bike probably too big or obvious? I am guessing your ride is worth more than those pistols since you are into it enough to have a stand in the house.

I wonder if they went after the big safe before or after they found the body armor with mags, that's just speculative BS though.

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