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Default Upcoming opportunity

The USMC Western Division Matches are coming to Range 103 at Camp Pendleton the last week of February.

It will be open to Civilian Competitors with an NRA rating of Sharpshooter or higher.

To participate you must be legally able to posses a firearm and be willing to sign affidavits pertaining to the matter.

Upon acceptance you will be required to attend the entire duration of the Matches; typically 2-3 weeks, 6 days a week, 0530- dusk. You will also be required to hump your gear and keep up with movements on the Range, pull Pits, ect; just like the Marines you will be competing with. Who, BTW will be the best from their respective Units, having been filtered through USMC Inter-murals.

You will be issued an M16A4 or M4 w/RCO and Magazines; and for Pistol Competitors an M9 Barretta with Magazines. All ammo is provided by the Marines in the spirit of competition. Some other basic gear may be available on a first come first served basis 'till exhausted.

Points accumulated during the Match portion are submitted to the CMP for record toward the Distinguished Expert Badge.

Those individuals who have participated in previous Matches in the Armed Forces and accumulated 10 points, they may use any points accumulated toward completing the 30 points and being awarded the DSB of their respective Service Branch; even though they may have left the Service.

Weeks 1-2 are Classroom instruction, Zeroing and Practice sessions. The last 4 days are Competition.

It's exhaustive and long, but an outstanding opportunity for those able to participate.
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