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I have a similar problem with them too. I ordered 2 glock 15 Rd rebuild kits, 1 AK hi cap rebuild and a magpul sling. The order included 10% off on the glock mags and sling.

I get my confirmation email and In addition send them an email the following morning to confirm that the mag's will be sent as rebuilds. I get a email back saying "your good to go"

5-6 days later I get my package and No Glock Mag's. I call them and the guy said we will ship it to you in couple of days. I follow up again via email few days ago and they respond telling me they refunded the money for the mag's.

I contacted my bank and they confirmed, funds were credited back (2 days after I placed the order). I didn't get any emails saying that they will not be sending in the rebuilds.

Today morning I get an email saying that they DO NOT send Glock rebuild mag's. when I placed the order it said on they website, any hi cap mags to CA will be sent as a rebuild kit.

The right thing would of been to send me an email before shipping my item and letting me know about the problem. Instead they took the sneaky way to avoid me canceling my total order. Now I have to pay for shipping again to order my mag's through another company. I'm also upset about how the whole thing was and is still being handled.
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