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Thank God for me, the belly band is like a girdle that holds a gun! LMAO I am not sure what the brand is, I will have to look but I actually wear it backwards with the velcro closure in the back since I don't like front carry and cross body doesn't work so well with the girls in the way. As a matter of fact, when I was trying holsters and positions I told my husband "I can't do cross body. See? My arms are too short" as I was trying to reach across and he busted out laughing and said "It's not that your arms are too short, the girls are too big!" I laughed at that and later when a friend was at the house(a very good friend, who gets my sense of humor and is like a brother to us) and Bill was relating it and before he even got to his response about my girls, Ty blurted out "It's the b00bs!" LMAO Yeah, we are kind of a twisted bunch.. anyway, I put it on and then just rotate it until the velcro is in the back and it puts the gun right on the right hip and has two spots for extra mags and those are on the left hip.

Besides that, the velcro in the front(it's BIG swath of velcro) made the front of my jeans look like, well, let's just say it made me look like I was packin' and not a gun if ya' get what I mean. LOL
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