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Originally Posted by furrly View Post
I agree, Rams AAR'S, are well thought out, very detailed, and a great source of information for guys like me who are always looking to take different classes with different instructors.
Hey Ram, since you are cosidered the tactical whore of the group, any classes that might be coming up that you suggest or recommend taking other Falcon..would apprecite the info.

"Tactical Whore" is a term that I've often used to describe myself (self-deprecating humor rules). My loyalty is to myself. Somebody one time described themselves as a "Tactical Tourist" which almost has the air of filling a resume. That's not me. I do go for variety while at the same time tapping the good ones again and again. To variety you have to add quantity and quality. Frequency doesn't mean just paying classes and includes dry practice, square range, dynamic range, etc. ideally with training partner(s).

Here's my schedule and classes/instructors I believe in:

This weekend: Ken Hackathorn Advanced Handgun (second time for that class and third time with him as instructor). The master.

November: TAC-1 Pistol II(D) which is the culmination of their 1-day advanced pistol series.

December: Jeff Gonzales (Trident Concepts) Combative Pistol II. Repeating the same class I took with him in June 2012 and then impressed upon him to come back. Toughest pistol class. Only 2 of 16 students passed (I was one of the two) and got the certificate.

Next year: Frank Proctor (trying to get him back for a 2-day Advanced Pistol), Pat McNamara (all pistol TAPS) and a 3-day advanced handgun with the dynamic duo of Larry Vickers and Rob Leatham.

I like the pistol more because it's much tougher than the long guns.
Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
- Historian Josephus (AD 37-101) on the Roman military

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