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It's true that you have to keep looking... but is also true that you need the Army more than the Army wants you now, even as an 11B.

Economy in the crapper, deployments reduced, downsizing... everybody and their cat wants in the military now. Combine the economy with the reduced chance of going somewhere dangerous and you have all the "military as a welfare program" applicants lining up. Mostly in jobs and services where they don't think they'll ever actually get shot at, but the combat arms have plenty of applicants as well.

Ten years ago that recruiter, or his predecessor, was working 16+ hour days and not making mission, getting screamed at (literally) by his chain of command and receiving crappy efficiency reports that damaged their future career because they couldn't make mission even with dropping the standards and taking in prior felons, morons, druggies and whatever else.

Now the worm has turned. Standards are back up, applicants are lining up out the door and he doesn't need to do any waiver paperwork if he doesn't want to. If he hasn't kept in contact he doesn't need you there's no reason for him to keep in touch. He's got better things to do like spend time with his family, going on vacation and just hanging out. He's probably had 3-4 deployments by this point in his career and is looking forward to taking it easy for a year or two.

When he needs more recruits there will be somebody at his door. You or somebody else, it's all the same to him.

I'm in the bay area and I think they need more recruits
Fewer qualified recruits, even tho the population density is higher.

The service looks at population density and sets the number of recruits to come from a given geo area, and then that "mission" gets divided up between teh recruiters in eth area, but the services don't always factor in the higher crime, drug use, lower HS completion rate, etc. Some estimate that 75% of the potential applicant pool is ineligible or otherwise unsuited to military service... 3 in 4... and those numbers are higher in urban areas.

Generally speaking the Corps has the highest physical and moral standards of any of the services, and declines to waiver many issues that other services will overlook.
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