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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
This is the time to bring along a (spare) really long T or sweatshirt. Face into your shooting bay or a corner. Pop the oversized shirt over your head, hands inside, do your adjustments and pop it off again. French women do this ll the time on the beach , going from dress and heels to bikini in 3 minutes flat. It is an art form. But you can do it, because I've done it. It looks funny to Americans, but it works, isn't offensive.

Only teenage boys stare when they see someone zipping up unzipped pants anyway. Most adults just look away.

Thanks for a creative carry question, something new to kick around.... And don't forget to re-load.
Thanks Bonnie! I take it that it is sort of like mastering the art of taking off a bra while wearing a shirt ala Flashdance? LOL I can manage that pretty easily using my oldest son's ROTC shirt. Will be perfect for this situation. I'll just keep it in my range bag. Thanks for the idea.
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