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Originally Posted by Bugguts View Post
Let me start by saying that I carry using a belly band. Easiest and most convenient for me. Tomorrow we are going to the range and this will be the first time back at the range after getting my CCW and I have this issue that I am not sure how to work with.

I plan on using both guns and plan on carrying(and alerting staff as I am supposed to) so after I am done shooting, I need to re-holster one of my guns. I wear the belly band kind of low across my hip area and in order to re-holster, I have to unzip and open my pants to holster and then re-zip my pants. Have I lost you yet? LOL I can't carry a loaded gun openly through the store part of the range to go to the ladies room and holster my gun, so how do I do this discreetly? It's only a concern when I go to the range for practice since if I ever need to use it in public, I would probably not be re-holstering right away and would not be concerned about it but this is my problem when it comes to practice and range time. Thoughts?
Practice re-holstering at home, and transport the piece you plan to shoot at the range in its factory box. When done, box it up and leave. I've had my CCW for two years now, and while taking a holstered gun in to shoot is legal I don't do it for two reasons.

One,even factories get ammo wrong sometimes. If you take your holstered carry gun to the range and shoot a squib load or heaven forbid a double charged round that takes your piece out of action, you're defenseless during the trip home.Swapping guns won't work if the other pistol doesn't fit in your holster.

Two, the act of drawing a gun out of a holster makes people justifiably nervous. Even if the range officer is OK with the idea, a fellow shooter who sees you draw a gun from a concealed holster in your person might get the wrong impression. While the likelihood of something happening from it isn't high, its not zero.

Thus its wise to go to the static range to practice shooting and the fundamentals thereof, and save practicing the tactical stuff like re holstering, reloading, drawing , etc for your own home. I speak from experience when I say that your mental training wont care that you learned to draw from concealment with a blue gun or the real deal.
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