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Originally Posted by inbox485 View Post
Yup. I have nothing against existing marlins, but I will never even consider buying a new one unless they change owners again. Until then, I frankly hope they go bankrupt so that the designs can be bought by a competent manufacture.
I know its easy to think that way, i cant blame you. Im sorta 50-50.

I talked to a contact at Remington and though the same story is being told everywhere, he put it this way. When Marlin sold, the workers were given the choice of joining Remington or quitting. The older artisans already close to retirement chose to quit, leaving the newest and most inexperienced to move to Remington where they suddenly were inundated with orders for guns they didnt know very well how to make, notably lever-actions. Remington then invested heavily in training and updating the 196 year old factory and everything is still in flux as hand-made weapons give way to rapid CNC manufacturing. This year Remington will build and sell 2 million guns, a record. In all these curcumstances how can flawless weapons be made?

I believe Remington when they say they dont want to make bad guns and some may remember Remington halted production of lever-actions instead of selling bad ones. But i pity Marlin, not Remington who never made highline guns. My complaint is why they would buy a company whose guns they couldnt duplicate?

Thats a bad move. But, so why? Because it became politics, not about gunmaking at all. George Soros doesnt care about making good guns, he only cares about confiscation. I believe the purchases of Remington and Marlin are only to eventually close them (after a few billion bucks are stuffed in said pockets). With good gunmaking on the decline, what with fast-produced faulty plastic-metal guns, and the threat of confiscation rising, we will likely see the end of guns rather than good ones ever again. There will be no savior company coming along.

Bottom line? Dont worry about quality, buy what you like and enjoy while you can. Its all most likely going to be a memory anyway.
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