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Originally Posted by vision1214 View Post
Well, you didn't insult me. I have a disorder similar to MS. Yes, there are things I can't do...not won't do but can't run, walk over 75 feet without having to sit down. Can't was never in my vocabulary before this illness happened. However, I did lose 32lbs simply by eating 1200 calories a day and that was without exercise since treadmills are out, jogging, walking etc. It is possible to lose weight without kick boxing or running a marathon. I worked with a nutritionalist and she was amazed that I was losing 2lbs a week with no exercise. I am sure there are a few people on this board that have their own story of some disorders that makes it virtually impossible to do what a healthy person can do no matter how badly you want to do these things that you once did so easily. No excuses, that is just how it is and it took me a long time to come to grips with that situation.

I loved guns before I was diagnosed and one reason I got my CHL was because I got this disorder. I can't run from the bad guys. I am easily thrown off balance so I have to stand my ground. If the world goes crazy, I will stand my ground in my home. There will not be hiking in the woods to get away from the craziness. Here is where I will make my stand. Where would you go anyway?

Now back to the AR. I picked one for my needs...good quality but not heavy. I picked one with a light weight barrel and had all the furniture replaced with magpul products and it is very functional but weight was taken off of it so it is managable for me. All my hand guns are bought with that in mind. You will never see me with a 50 cal Desert Eagle.

So pick your AR carefully - adjust to your needs and you will love that gun.

I love mine..................
Vision, folks with honest to God health issues is not a problem, I used to do vol work at Mission Hospital in their PT area, as long as you do your best to get movement and exercise in, something as always, is better then nothing. As far as AR weight lots of manufacts like Daniel Defense, BCM, and etc have lightweight options. Personally I do use both, however, I do on occasion prefer weightier because the weight helps offset when I do train with other gear on, from bags, and body armor and etc with my friends and family during weekend outtings and run and gun sessions.

As for making a stand in your home, and backwoods trekking, you do what you can, where and when you can. As for where would one go, we have a few homes here in Southern California, one is on around 20 acres of land, we have stores that are sub ground level, we keep homes in Colorado, Texas, Utah, and a few other places as well, honestly, if crazy occurs, would entrench for a long while, then retreat to another home stead. But as I said, you do what you can, where you are.

But in anycase, stay safe, and its good that you have equipment, and use them, not everyone can run and gun, so getting stationary range time is good.

Originally Posted by Chupa Cabra View Post
Don't apologize. You have an attitude - a good one. You don't sound aggressive to me, you sound motivating and knowledgeable. I am getting close to 60, yoga is giving me my edge. Lots of upper body, balance and flexibility along with a warrior focus and mindset. I am also enjoying the improvements in my shooting. Its all good.
Thank you, but I digress; because of the nature of 2 of my jobs, I can come off as a bit aggressive. Used to it I guess. And IF I motivate others, that is a good thing. Because like cars, one doesn't just build a vehicle with the best parts available, and don't get practice time driving, from road racing to drag racing, you need to put the time in. Same with weapons system one uses for defense of themselves and others, if they are able, they should always put the training time in. Yoga is very good for you! Nice! Do some weights, don't be afraid of a little lifting, and eat well. Put back in to replenish what you work off.

Right now I am also working with a friend of my Hubby's and his wife, they came in at 388 and 241. After 90 days of work, and meal plans, they are down to 312 and 199. Which is amazing progress. Their goal is to fit up in time for mud run next year, great goal.
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