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Originally Posted by tal3nt View Post
10:30am is an odd time to rob a home, no? Unless they are familiar with your routines? Or maybe it's the ideal time...I don't know.... If you don't mind me asking, single family home? Apartment complex? Rough area?
Actually 10:30 am is not odd at all. There are actual statistics that point to most robberies happening in those hours due to the fact that people are at work. I need to look it up to see what exact hours.

Neighbors house was broken into at around 11:00 AM several years ago and someone came into our backyard and took some scrap metal during the day also a long time ago.

I've also had suspicious people knock on my door in the morning hours asking for donations. Problem was after I told them I had no money they would leave and keep walking without stopping at any other houses.
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