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Originally Posted by Lead Waster View Post
True, and I'm highly tempted to get a casting set up. But we can't live our lives thinking that everyone is out to rip us off.

If JR had delivered as a normal business would, then there is no problem with buying cheap ammo.

It's really too bad, because I'd only heard good things about JR and they were STARTING to get a good rep ... then they threw it all away with bad business decisions and worse .... bad customer service.

People JUST WANT TO KNOW. That's enough to keep your customers, just be honest with them. Say "Look, we are having cash flow issues, PLEASE do not cancel with us, you WILL get your order" once the customers want back the money they spent, there is no way they can dig themselves up. If the order stays alive, that's cashflow.

Lying or hiding will only ensure that you cut off most of your future sales and all that expensive reloading equipment is worth nothing.
I agree with you, 100%. Not saying that we should assume everyone's a ripoff artist. It's simply a matter of self-sufficiency, and as the Great Ammo Rush of 2009 taught us, that's never a bad thing. You never know when ammo's going to get scarce, or high-priced, etc. Rollin' your own ensures you have a supply on-hand, whenever you need it.

This is especially true for people in States like California, where they already tried AB 962 once and will surely try it again.
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