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Originally Posted by Oceanbob View Post
A camera out close to the street might give us a license plate number as well.
So would a neighbor that saw FOUR GUYS JUMP OVER A FENCE AND INTO A WAITING CAR! WTF is up with neighbors who don't want to get involved - or is he really that clueless?

We had a rash of petty crimes start occuring in our complex, mostly due to the high school across the street (shocker, I know) - vandalism, tresspassing, cars broken into. One of our neighbors took the inititiative - being a single mom in the complex - and set up a e-mail account to notify everyone of goings on in the complex as well as signing us up for a neighborhood watch program. On Mother's Day, this year, SHE caught three perps casing cars in the parking lot. Driver had an outstanding warrant and stolen property in the car. Occurences have since decreased.

Long story short, neighbors need to get involved. I'm not saying walk out and unload a .44 into the car as they are driving away, sh_t, just look out your peephole and get a license plate number.

When good people start turning a blind eye, the bad ones win.

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