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Originally Posted by zvardan View Post
It's not the breed that really matters...its the noise a dog makes. A barking small dog can be as effective as a pit bull.
I have an 85 pound Choc Lab. He has a crazy deep bark and Mohawks when he sees someone somewhere where they shouldn't be like on my doorstep trying sell magazines. He looks Cujo like scary, but hes just a Lab. I have a security camera system as well and enjoy watching the uninvited scamper down the stairs from my front door when they hear him barking and going nuts. He's smart and this is the only time he goes nuts and barks like that. He roams free in and out the house when I'm not around. As a firearms instructor I discuss all aspects of personal protection in my classes. I believe and teach this (a dog) as the single best deterrent in the home while knowing nothing will deter a determined attacker/invader.
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Originally Posted by Black Majik View Post
Also, don't forget, bring a slower friend.
Originally Posted by magic32 View Post
i was hoping for a 1911. very disappointing. it's like you are getting ready to have a threesome with jessica alba and scarlett johansen and finding out they're both dudes...
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