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Originally Posted by FMJBT View Post
It varies depending on who you ask. Aside from strict clones of the MK 12 Mod 0 and Mod 1, I think a rifle should at least meet all the important specs of the originals to qualify as an "SPR". The criteria should include:

-18" barrel with rifle length gas system
-Suppressor adaptable muzzle device
-Folding iron sights
-Magnified optics with rangefinding or BDC capability
-QD mounts for optics
-Night vision adaptable (railed forend)
-Bipod equipped
I completely agree with your criteria. I would like to build a mod 0 ,clone but th e $1000 for the NF glass or the Luepold is out of my budget. A true SPR is not cheap but with accuracy comes a price sometimes. Sure I could build a "SPR" for cheaper but I like the trueness of my build. Almost identical to the issued weapon as far as the upper goes. Final lower will be true to the original minus my magpul grip with integrated trigger guard. I also believe in field functionality and user mods to accommodate for user likes and dislikes.

Pm me for contact info. I need a long distance range to sight this puppy in when I am done.

Dark Sky Solutions
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