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Originally Posted by Mrs Rabbit View Post
Soooo, after a few hours and the overwhemling desire to slam my head on my desk a few times, I have one question.

Example: I am shipped a gun for dros etc purchased by my customer from an out of state dealer. I really don't see the 'issue' that some dealers have with this. Takes 10 minutes to compare serial numbers/ check the roster/A&D it and pop it in my safe. Anyway... The above mentioned customer comes in for dros etc assuming the firearm is exactly what he expected etc. Now, I go to ring up his 'sale'. How do I show the invoiced price to tax?

My thoughts: Put that gun in my system for the price he paid making it taxable, then discount that amount? I need to show in my system that he paid the tax but obviously I didn't take in those monies.
or do I simply calculate the tax amount and enter it as an 'extra' charge?

I agree with the majority here, this one issue regarding the BOE is more 'difficult' to interpret than our Cali gun laws.
I use quick books point of sale and what I'd was to create a non-inventory item that is not taxed and called it "sales tax on transfer". It is mapped to a holding account I created in quick books. When I file my return to BOE I simply run a report on monies collected in this account and list them on the return as "additional tax collected".
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