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Ramzar, I don't recall 24+ students at either class, more like 18-22, but I don't want to get technical here. Ram, you are usually right, so I could be wrong, just throwing my recollecton out there...

BoBaVeX, I'll find out about the Costa Prep Course and post the info here...

The Virus, I respectfully disagree, although 14 students would be better for a local class, to get Costa to fly out to Cali and run 2 classes is expensive (airfare, hotel, food, beard grooming, ammo, etc.), plus the guy is a legend and he needs to make a profit. I didnt feel that the 18-22 shooters we had at both classes in Jan 2012 were cumbersome. Everyone had ample time with Costa one-on-one or to ask questions, etc, plus our groups of shooters were amazing (LEO, military, FOG alum), so it was nice to see a lot of dedicated shooters out there IMO.

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