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Originally Posted by Tercero77 View Post
Has anyone done 11 o'clock offset placement for their optics?
Might work for a left handed shooter... But w
Originally Posted by jesse3533 View Post
What kind of groups do you some of you guys get with those shot barreled uppers? Just wondering what they are capable of. And what twist do some of you guys prefer with 7" barrels and 10" ones? Thanks cal gunners
I am running a 10.5 in 1:7 twist. Faster twist makes sense for shorter barrels.
I have never shot mine past 50yds, and only surp ammo with it and either a rds or just irons but it can pull just under 2in at 50yds, so I would guess circa 4moa at 100yds?

Maybe with highly quality ammo and a magnified optic the groups could shrink, but I dont see the benefit considering it is a "pistol"
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