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Lightbulb 2013 Gray Ops - Class Schedule

Gray Ops has a unique firearms training philosophy that stands out among all firearms training companies. Our instructors are passionate about making sure every student achieves the required knowledge, skills, and ability to control their immediate surroundings with the use of a firearm. Our objective is for you to obtain or sharpen your already acquired “Skill at Arm’s” and other personal defense skills.

Our Combo Handgun Courses now meet Sacramento County's CCW Training Requirements!

With the high demand for our Fund/Inter HG & Fund/Trans Carbine classes we've added more classes for 2013 in the hopes to meet and fill your needs. We've also added a new Handgun Skill Builder Course to fill the gap between Intermediate & Advanced. We should have something to fit everyone's needs. If you don't see it ask and we can make it happen! Other training opportunities include Private Lessons, Semi-Private/Small Group Lessons, and if you have a Group of 5+ we can customize training to fit your requirements.

12 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
13 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)

February 2013
2 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
3 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
16 - Defensive Shotgun (Closed)

March 2013
2 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
3 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
16-17 Handgun Skill Builder (Closed) New for 2013!
23-24 Precision Rifle (Slots Remaining 6)

April 2013
6 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
7 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
13 - Women's Only Handgun (Closed)
16 - Advanced Handgun Training, Richmond (Closed) <Added 3-5-13>
20-21 Carbine Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 4)

May 2013
4 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
5 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)

June 2013
1 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
2 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
29-30 Advanced Carbine (Slots Remaining 3)

July 2013
6 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
7 - Intermediate Handgun (Slots Remaining 2)
13-14 Advanced Handgun (Slots Remaining 10)

August 2013
3 - Defensive Shotgun (Slots Remaining 2)
10 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
11 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
24-25 Handgun Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 8) New for 2013!

September 2013
7 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
8 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
15 - Women's Only Handgun (Closed)
21 - Fundamental Handgun (Slots Remaining 10) Added 8-8-2013
22 - Intermediate Handgun (Slots Remaining 10) Added 8-8-2013

October 2013
5 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
6 - Transitional Carbine (Slots Remaining 1)
19-20 Carbine Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 12)

November 2013
2 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
3 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
9-10 First Aid in a Tactical Environment (Slots Remaining 8)
16-17 Advanced Carbine (Slots Remaining 11)
30 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)

December 2013
1 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)

Our goal is for you to be competent, confident, and comfortable with the weapon of your choice. We have an outstanding success rate due to our willingness to spend the time necessary for you to achieve a level where you are safe and skilled. Gray Ops stresses a personal - but no nonsense – approach. Students learn not only the mechanics of firearm safety and use but the responsibilities gun ownership/use requires. We offer small classes, with a minimum of a 1 to 5 instructor/student ratio to provide the most of our experience. You will not get lost in a crowd.

For additional course details visit our web site
Class Schedule is subject to change without notice, additional classes will most likely be added as we nail down the dates.
Thanks for all the support in 2012 we at Gray Ops are here for our students when ever the need arises.
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the classes in 2013!
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