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Originally Posted by Burbur View Post
I have been following gearhog for well over a year a year now. In that time, they have run a giveaway nearly every weekend, sometimes with multiple prizes. Of that, I would be surprised is 1/4 of the prizes are actually attributed to anyone via their Facebook page.

I'm not calling BS yet, but whats up with that?

This is your main hook for driving traffic to your site. Personally, when I don't see winners (especially when I don't win), you loose credibility. I have made purchases through your weekday deals, but I am highly unlikely to refer actual friends to the site, for fear that it will go tits up and screw them on a purchase.

Wow, you need to work less on the hate and more on the common sense. You have made orders without issues from the site, but you wont refer friends because you haven't won anything, yet you still continue to order.

The thread wasn't meant to discredit Gearhog in anyway. I just wanted to see if anyone on calguns had won anything. They get to write off the prizes and have nothing to gain by being dishonest, and nothing to lose by being honest.
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