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Reviving an old thread. I am still living with her but as of tonight moving out.

Ive been reading through this thread and realized some things. A lot of you are right as I allowed her to control the relationship. Its been hard to let go as I am an extremely great father. I would rather be here for my kids everyday an suffer her wrath. But in doing so i finally realized i am being selfish.....if i truly cared about my children I would not allow them to be part of such a scene. They shiuld not witness their mom yelling and cussing at me. Trying to be here everyday for them is also hurting them. I see that now.

On a side note, my fiance punched me a few times in past. Both kids were not present. But yesterday she was on a terror yelling at kids while I showered. I jumped out of shower still soapy worried she would harm them. When i expressed to her that she began yelling at me and was pissed. She threw her phone, and two remote controlls at me in front of my 3 year old who waa standing extremely close..

Ive had it. Im packing up and leaving today. I just wish I was financially well off to take kids with me now. I have been worried that their mother would just yell and not take care of them like i can. She assures me that she is only in the agitated mood she is in everyday because I am here.

So I amnleaving and hoping that she is the good mom i.know she can be.

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(For the record, I think my grandchildren will be retired and moved to AZ before shall-issue CCW comes to this screwed up state... and my kids are still currently young teenagers.)
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Wow. I'd work harder to stop the underage sex in your family

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