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Originally Posted by Cactuscooler View Post
Yes there is. The question is how do I find a decent one?
Honestly, not sure. The one you had could of had an emergency/family problems and taken some leave? Have you contacted the office where he works? Maybe just walk-in and talk to one of the other recruiters assigned to that office. Typically there are a few, or talk to his supervisor, not sure really?

I highly suggest seeing all branch recruiters to see what your options are if you havent already. See how they work, just the way they present information/options to you. When I enlisted I met with all of them, some even more than once to get information and further my knowledge on the military and each branch, then made my decision based on the information I was given.

Even if you're dead set on the Army, take a few hours and talk to the other recruiters and good luck to you!
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