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Originally Posted by Equis View Post
I was wondering the same thing, but from a little googling, I gathered you have to be active Air force for the SF. Reserve rescue wing like the one in the Bay Area don't have as far as I can tell SF. I have been researching this for myself, and I haven't got to the point of calling a recruiter, not before I research what ASVAB scores to get into the SF. Well that's just me, any active or reserve want to add, or correct. Thanks in advance.
Fyi... The air guard unit, 129th Rescue Wing, at Moffett Field does have a full time security forces squadron.

OP.. SF is still a great AFSC to enter. There is a lot of potential to do great things there. With the guard/reserve SF you have a lot of opportunity to back fill active duty units for several months at a time. I know a guy who went to Italy for several months, then went to saudi Arabia, and several other places just by volunteering. Another thing we have in the AF is the Air Force Office of Special Investigations... Kinda of hard to get into from my understanding and don't know about guard/reserve vacancies for them (I'm not SF) but they are the undercover guys that usually don't wear uniforms or rank. I know for a fact they get into some serious investigations such as rape. There is an AFOSI office at moffett but they might be Active.

Lastly, speaking of the 129 Rescue at Moffett Field.. We are a combat search and rescue unit so we have the pararescue (spec ops) career field available also. Need to be very very physically fit though.

My AF career has brought me very good things, hopefully it can for you too. Good luck.

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