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Originally Posted by LBDamned View Post

How did this thread turn into a b!tch fest?

I simply stated that the sales have been hit & miss lately. They used to have them weekly (when Bill was monitoring the forum) then they skipped a bunch of weeks...

Once they started the sales again, many of us were commenting positively, then they suddenly stopped for a couple weeks again.

Starting a thread questioning it doesn't indicate anyone is b!tching about them.

No, no... not this thread - somone else started a whole thread earlier about how bad the Oxnard Turners is. My point was that my long conversation with one of the owners was very positive, as has been my experience with gun purchases at several Turners locations.
They are frequently bashed here for one reason or another about once a week.

My reference was to all the Turners bashing threads I often see here, and if I were one of the owners, I would not post special deals somewhere people always talk s#!+ about my stores.
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