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Originally Posted by RileyBean View Post
I met the owner of all of them during the Oxnard opening and spoke with him for quite a while - very cool guy (he also owns the company that imports the Escort shotguns). All I see here is people b!tc#!ng about them (even a new thread today about how bad they are in Oxnard). If I was the owner, there is no way I'd put special discounts here - blame it on the complete tools that post here.
Should be more than one owner. It's four. A group of investors bought Turners 3 years ago.

Turner’s Outdoorsman is purchased; will be run by its former operations manager

O N T A R I O — T u r n e r ’ s Outdoorsman, a 13-store chain of retail stores in Southern California specializing in firearms, hunting, and fishing gear, was purchased Monday (June 8, 2009) by four investors.

The investors include one name very familiar to Turner’s insiders, Gene Lumsden, who currently lives in Reno, Nevada. The new owners also include John and David Fuller from Australia and the Sporting Goods Fund, a sporting goods group out of the United Kingdom.

Lumsden, who was formerly vice president and operations manager of Turner’s when it was still owned by Shirley Andrews, will become the president and chief executive officer of the firearms chain.

The amount of the sale was undisclosed, but the new partnership now owns the controlling interest in the company and will be taking over day-to-day management immediately.

Lumsden, the Fuller brothers, and the Sporting Goods Fund are also currently partners in the ownership of Legacy Sports International, a firearms importing business in Reno, Nev., that brings sporting rifles, shotguns, handguns and optics into this country. Legacy Sports has made the Howa bolt action rifle, Puma lever-action rifle, and Escort shotgun lines well-known across the country through aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns and competitive pricing.

The Fuller brothers have been in the outdoor sporting goods and firearms distribution business in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, running a company started by their father over 50 years ago.

Turner’s Outdoorsman started business in 1971 as Andrews’ Sporting Goods with a single store in Long Beach, and grew to become the largest seller of handguns in California and one of the most respected firearm and fishing tackle retailers in the nation under the leadership of Shirley Andrews. Andrews sold the company in 2005 to an investment group from outside the industry, almost four years ago to the day of Monday’s sale.

Turner’s Outdoorsman languished under the new management and was rumored to be flirting with bankruptcy. But Lumsden said all that is changing as of this week.

“Finally there are people back in charge who know and love this business,” said Lumsden, who ran Turner’s from 2001 to 2004, some of the company’s most profitable years. Lumsden, a California native who was inducted into the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2005, said the new controlling owners, are all avid outdoorsmen. “And many of the people who were here at Turner’s during its successful past will be here for its future, making this company very viable and helping it move forward.”

Lumsden said that Turner’s Bryan Harris will become vice-president of the company and continue to direct buying, purchasing, and vendor relations, and that Bill Ortiz will stay as director of store operations overseeing personnel.

“Knowing Turner’s reputation and the company Shirley had built, and seeing the potential, we’re looking forward to building and moving forward from where it was in 2005,” said Lumsden

Turner’s Outdoorsman has retail stores in Chino, Corona, Fountain Valley, Kearny Mesa, Norwalk, Orange, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Reseda, San Bernardino, San Marcos, Signal Hill, West Covina, and its corporate office is located in Ontario
Brown 3 million. His opponent 2.1 million. Gun owners 8 million. Shouldn't his opponent have received 8 million and we have a pro gun governor??

Storm Lake Conversion Barrel. XD357SIG - $100

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