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Cool S&W 296 (with 342 for size comparison)

Haven't seen these in this thread yet:

$459.00 NIB, sent in from out of state when still on roster (Feb. 2006):

This needs oversized Pachmyer grips to dampen the pain of recoil caused by the exposed metal backstrap when shooting with factory grips, esp. with 165 gr. CorBons.

These "flying ashtray" rounds are Gold Dot 200 gr.

For those of you too young to get the cultural reference . . .
Once upon a time, almost everyone smoked cigarettes.
There was an enormous ashtray on almost every coffee table in every living room or family room in the U.S.
Back when average people could afford to buy a decent little 3 or 4 bedroom house.
Everyone's parents kept a giant glass or ceramic ashtray that weighed about ten pounds and was slightly smaller than an old-fashioned, metal traschcan lid.
Back when most kids still had a matching set of male/female parents married prior to the conception of the firstborn of the brood--not shaming or blaming the kids here, just sayin'.

Duck if you ever see one of these wizzing toward your brain box.

Damn, I'm gettin' old. All these little and not so little things have changed so swiftly.

Anyway, you get hit with a flying ashtray--real or ballistic--and you will know it.

The little J-frame .38 Special-only Model 342 (cockroach shooter) was bought used.

As you can see, the finish is not durable on these titanium/scandium jobs, if that sort of thing matters to you (it doesn't to me, at least with these models).
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