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I'm against OPSEC as much as the next guy but this is ridiculous. I guarantee if I knew their unit I could find much more detail than they are giving. Lighten up. The Army Times probably already published the rest of the scheduled deployments for this year. What could someone have gained from these posts? Americans are going to Afghanistan? No ****ing ****.

Rero, I was going to ask if you knew what province (or at least RC) you were headed to out of curiosity (you too Cav) but I don't want people to freak out. However, if you wanted items sent to you the location of the address shows it all the same.

My best friend was my platoon's FO. After we got back they switched the FOs to battalion level instead of being entirely attached with the line platoons. Now he's in a COLT team. He gets out in a few months but I can ask him if knows anything on SFAAT. I dunno if he does I'll let ya know.
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