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Originally Posted by CavTrooper View Post
LoL. We got tapped with the same mission recently, fixing to deploy and we still arent sure what the heck SFAT is. Weve come up with several ideas... Special Forces Action Team... Stupid Fat And Tired... just to name a few. As our acronym suggests, theres only one "A" in our SFAT.

Our team has been talking to the team that we will be replacing and from what we have gathered, theres absolutely nothing going on since the joint ops standdown has been put in place, but once it gets going again, we figure we are all gonna die from a blue on green incident. Thewhole thing seems like a huge setup for failure.

Good luck!

ETA... Oh yeah, we are set to deploy very shortly (we have flights lined up and everything has been shipped) but still havent seen any orders. We deployed a PRT SECFOR team recently and they didnt get their orders until they were on the bus headed to the airport! Im not sure why that is but if I had to guess, Id say it has to do with it being an election year and its better to keep these quiet when you are trying to get reelected.
That right there is a prime example of an OPSEC violation, and kinda sad you guys think I am trying to bash on you guys. Just saying NCO to NCO watch what you guys say online. PM each other, and who says go do push-ups at the end of their convo?!?!? I'm not even going to get into that. Just was trying to make you guys aware
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