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Thanks cavtrooper, I've been in contact with one of the LTs in the team that is acting as the go between between the higher ups and me and thusly the other lower enlisted. He really hasn't given much info other that a training schedule and a link to an FM regarding working as an advisor and all that but it really didn't give me any info regarding what I'm actually going to be doing.

I gave the LT a list of FO and JFO specific equipment that I'll need to do that job right, not sure what the duties of being the NCOIC is going to be, heck I was just a team leader a year ago and now I'm being tapped to be an NCOIC in a combat zone, intimidating to the Max.

I also requested to be issued a pistol and have every intention of carrying it 24/7 loaded, safety off and hammer down, I'll sleep with it.
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