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People have been *****ing about Turners for as long as I can remember. I still shop there, more so when there are specials. Yes, they screwed up my most recent order. I still shop there. I expect it as should anyone that reads this board. If you want a board where little criticism is allowed, go to the Ammo Bros board where there was a lengthy and accurate post that went into detail regarding the positives and (many) negatives of that operation. It was deleted. Other boards I visit allow zero criticism of any paying vendor. I don't think Turners is hurting for people saying what is already common knowledge. They know that when they run specials, more people come in the store. They might just have well said "those calgunners are so cheap, they never buy anything that isn't on sale!" I went in for the Ruger Days sale and bought a rifle that listed at $269 that was marked all the way down to $259. I think it cost me more in gas to drive there than that "sale" and I prefer the value of the calguns specials.
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