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Default SFAAT

As the title suggests, I recently learned that I am going to head to Afghanistan sometime next year to be part of an SFAAT team as the NCOIC and Fires NCO. Keep in mind I've only been 13F qualified for about 2 years, just became JFO certified and have never been to Afghanistan.

My questions are, has anyone here been on an SFAAT team, or have any experience with Afghanistan with suggestions or pointers for me to make it back? With all recent green on blue incidents it leaves me with an uneasy feeling about it all.

All in all I feel extremely out of my element and unsure of even what skills and all that I should be focusing my attention on honing.

Heck, I don't even know if I'll be medically deployable what with the heart surgery last spring and the motorcycle crash this spring, the ankle is still weak. SRE is in two weeks or so, so there's the chance that I'm stressing out over nothing.
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